Literary Movement

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A literary movement is the group of characteristics in both rhetoric and subjects that are of common concordance with the social conditions of a given period. A literary movement can prevail through several periods or less than one.

This way, the most important literary movements and periods are the Ancient Times with the Eastern cultures; the Classic Period with Greece and Rome and the Middle Ages with feudalism. The rest derive from these.

Greek Period: One of the cultures with the most influence in the current world is, without a doubt, the Greek culture which developed from 900 to 300 B.C. After its decline – a strictly material one – its spiritual and artistic aspects have remained and spread through the years to every knowledge field.

The Greek excelled in every scientific and literary discipline. In literature they stood out in almost every genre excepting novel. It is worth highlighting, among all this literary quality, the work done for theatre, especially in tragedy.

The Greek, besides what we have already mentioned regarding literature, were the founding fathers of math, physics, politics, and philosophy among other sciences. There is no other culture that transcended as much as the Greek. In the sixth century B.C. the cities of Athens, Thebes, Sparta and Korinthos flourished. Each of them was autonomous and powerful.


  • Search for beauty and perfection.
  • Harmony and balance.
  • Harmonic proportion, rhythm and elegance.
  • Relevance of myths.
  • Balance between form and substance.