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It is very common nowadays to see a lot of discussions going on not only in your classrooms and schools, but also in popular media like the news, the TV shows you’re fond of, and the different videos that popular sites like YouTube provide. The discussions that we hear can either sound good or bad to us. But have you ever wondered why these discussions sound “good” or “bad”? Is it because of the words they use, or the things that they talk about? We all know that what everyone says can either be true or false. Is this the basis for knowing if they sound good or not? The simple answer is yes. These things that we hear and read everyday can sound good or bad to us because they are either true or false.

This brings us to this basic idea: fallacies. What are fallacies? In philosophy, fallacies are errors in reasoning, meaning that whatever we say that is false either because of the words that we use or the things we talk about are fallacious in nature.