Characteristics of a literary text

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What makes a text a literary one? It is its characteristics, of course. The characteristics that provide a text with literary character are the following:

  1. Predominance of the poetic function over the referential function because it is not limited to communicating; it is about influencing the reader’s mood making him live emotions and feelings. The author shares his experiences with the reader, recreating them in him.
  2. It is absolutely ambiguous; it is this feature where the multiple interpretation possibilities reside.
  3. It is obviously connotative; it produces many possibilities of interpretation depending on the literary and personal context of the reader. Connotation is the essence of literary language.
  4. Richness of poetic resources such as literary figures. It is plentiful in images.
  5. Syntax is more flexible. The order of the elements may vary.
  6. Vocabulary is precise and irreplaceable. A word cannot be replaced by another one because the expressive power changes even if the idea remains the same.
  7. Words are chosen by their euphony.
  8. It has emotional weight.
  9. Harmonic disposition of its elements, produced by a good combination of words.
  10. The message creates a reality of its own, different from the surrounding reality.
  11. It can be explained and described but not proven.
  12. It is symbolic.

However, all of these characteristics cannot be isolated because a literary text is an invented, imaginary and fictional.